• Keep It Short For More Power With Rory McIlroy

    Written by Rory McIlroy on Thursday, 30 July 2009

    I’m longer than I was and that could be because I’m stronger – I’ve been spending more time in the gym than I used to! But what has interested me is that I get more clubhead speed when I don’t swing the club back so far. Good Position I’m posing this position because this is where I like to imagine the...

  • Bounce Back With DJ Trahan

    Written by DJ Trahan on Thursday, 2 July 2009

    When I need to stop the bleeding, I sometimes think about a visual tip my dad gave me. My father, Don, has been my only teacher, and he used to tell me to pretend there’s a baseball catcher’s mitt right behind me on my target line. My goal is to start my swing so the clubhead hits the mitt. ...