Approach Shots From 250-275 Yards With Sean O'Hair


The average distance the ball comes to rest from the hole on a shot from this range. The shot must be from the fairway or the teeing area on a par 3 and within 30 yards of the green.

A lot of people try to kill the ball when they’re way out in the 250-yard range, but all it takes is good rhythm and nice, solid contact. In fact, I focus on a slower, smoother swing when I’m trying to hit a par 5 in two. Another way to stay in control is to play a fade. I prefer to play one for approach shots of this length because it slows my swing down, and I can control it better. Plus, a fade flies higher and with more spin, making it easier for the ball to hold on the green. To play this shot, I open my stance a little and make sure I get through the ball with my legs and body (left). The body turn is crucial, but I don’t rush the swing, and I don’t swing any harder.