Anti-slice drill using tees


Not only will your free tees and ball marker with this month’s copy of Today’s Golfer come in handy on the course, they can also help you play better golf!

We’ve compiled a series of exclusive video tips and drills using your free gifts to fix common faults and help you hit the ball longer and straighter, as well as sharpening your short game.

The best way to try to combat the dreaded slice is to work on changing the path of the club through impact from out-to-in to in-to-out. Slicers generally cut across the ball, creating excessive sidespin.

You can use a tee placed inside the ball as a visual aid to see the correct path of the clubhead coming into the ball, as John Letters Golf Academy Pro Tom Denby explains in this exclusive golf video tip.

Video shot on location at Stapleford Park Golf Club, Leicestershire. For more info, visit