Driving tee height


Fault: Slices or hooks with the driver.

Fix: You can go a long way to fixing that slice or hook off the tee by simply adjusting the height of it by an inch or two. Let’s take the slice. A low tee causes a steep angle of attack from which you are more likely to cut across the ball. Teeing the ball up makes you swing more around your body which subsequently shallows your attack. Think of a baseball player swinging around their body as the ball comes to them around waist-high. Do the reverse if you tend to h ook the ball.

Tee Height

Flat or steep?
A higher tee will encourage you to flatten out your swing path, helping you eliminate your slice. It will also create a better launch angle by making you hit up. A lower tee promotes a slightly steeper path, helping you eliminate the hook. 

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