Lean backwards with your drives to increase distance


When it comes to driving, we’ve all seen the ideal set-up positions for hitting it long and straight. However, your body positions when you strike the ball – impact alignment – are just as crucial. It is here where my pupil and long drive sensation Joe Miller finds his distance. At impact the more your spine tilts back, the higher your left shoulder can be (right handers). In turn, this pulls the hands and grip more around and up, raising your clubhead speed. The key to this sequence is having your head behind the ball. Focus on doing this and the rest will follow, giving you a quicker swing and more yards.  

Low shoulder
My spine angle lets my left shoulder drive upwards, pulling the hands up and quickening the club. You’ll see Long Drivers jump at impact in an attempt to get the left shoulder even higher. 

Faster impact
I get my players to use an impact bag as it allows them to swing freely and really go for it. This grooves a faster swing over time. You can replicate it at home with an old cushion or pillow. 

Lee Cox is a PGA Fellow Pro and coach to World Long Drive Champion Joe Miller.