• Jason Day's power tip: Increase your hip rotation speed through impact

    Monday, 29 January 2018

    Explained by Jason Day: Why you should increase your hip speed through impact to get you more distance  If you look at a lot of the world's longest drivers these days, myself included, we all rotate our hips very fast in the downswing. Some people are born with natural speed but you can always work to improve whatever you have. I've done...

  • Dustin Johnson: How to generate power

    Monday, 8 January 2018

    Dustin Johnson: Create A Wide Swing Arc To Generate Maximum Swing Speed  This tip originally comes from our sister magazine, Golf World The key to hitting the ball further is generating as much clubhead speed as you can at impact and transferring as much of that energy as possible into the ball. I swing the club at 121mph and launch the ball...