Weight Transfer Video Tip


It's week three in our Golf Tip of the Week series and this week we're looking at how to improve your weight transfer and leg movement throughout the golf swing.

PGA Pro Dan Frost, from Peterborough UK, gives you a free golf video lesson showing you how you can relate your throwing action to the action of your legs through the golf swing.

Wach your free golf tuition video, or if you have problems viewing it read our transcribed notes below.

1. Most golfers struggle to get their weight through to the front foot as they complete their golf swing and that can result in weak shots and generally poor results. To get an idea of how your legs and weight should move through your swing try throwing a golf ball in the direction of the green while in your set up position. You'll see that as you release the golf ball your back leg moves through and your weight ends up on the front foot.

2. This will give you a feel for how you should be moving your body through the golf shot. The next stage is to try it with a golf club. Pick up an iron with your right  hand (or left if you're a leftie) and simply repeat that throwing motion with your arms and body. You should find that your lower body starts to look like you know how to swing a golf club!

3. Once you have ingrained that into your mind add your other hand and get into your normal pre shot stance. It is then simply a case of repeating the throwing motion you have been practicing.