Improve Golf Stance


Mark Crossfield shows us how good posture can improve the coil in your swing and produce a better follow through everytime you hit the ball.

Step One

We are trying to create positive angles, a stronger coil and a good turn with out golf swing. In order to achieve this it is imperative that your stance is perfect. Begin by having your back foot pointing out at a 5 degree angle and your left foot pointing out at about a 25-30 degree angle. This will encourage more of a coil on the on the way back with less resistance and a nice follow through moving forward.

Step Two

If we are hitting a mid iron we want the ball placed in the middle of our stance with a slight tilt in our posture onto the back foot, this is to compensate for the difference in hand placement on the grip. Weight should still be 50:50 on each foot and our toes (not the ball of the heal).

Step Three

Watch the ball with your left eye (if you are left handed use your right eye). This will reduce the need to turn your head whilst making your swing.