Give Your Slice A Face Lift With David Leadbetter


David Leadbetter Golf Instruction

The reason you're hitting a lot of slices is because your clubface is open at impact. The problem might be in your backswing.

Many slicers fan the face open during the takeaway, resulting in a weak, open position at the top. This forces them to swing down from outside the target line in an effort to square the face, but the result is a slice. Sound like you?

David Leadbetter
To fix a slice, don't rotate the clubface open. It should point the ball then to the sky.

To help square the face at impact and hit straighter shots, keep the clubface looking at the ball when you start back. Then, as you reach the top of your swing, have the face point to the sky.

Getting in these two positions will greatly improve your chance of swinging down from the inside and squaring the club at impact -- you might even start hitting draws.