Fix A Slice With David Leadbetter


David Leadbetter Golf Instruction

...simply ensure you get your right elbow in the 'slot'.

There are a lot of ways you can fix a slice, but one of my favourites is to focus on the right elbow - moving it into the 'slot' on the downswing.

The slot is a position just in front of the right hip, where the right elbow sits under the left, the club swinging on a shallow inside-out arc.

Think of how you would swing a baseball bat at a pitch that comes in chest high. You instinctively know to drop the right elbow under the left.

The same holds true for hitting a golf ball. What makes it more difficult is that in baseball your body and the bat swing on the same horizontal plane, but when you bend at the hips to hit a golf shot, the shoulders, arms, hips and club all must move on diltercnt planes
That's why foe using on your right elbow position is a great thought for slotting the club on the correct plane. This position will soon turn your slice into a draw.

Fix A Slice With David Leadbetter