Stop hitting behind the ball


As a special treat for you, we’ve managed to get hold of some exclusive video tips from Hank Haney, one of the world’s leading golf coaches, courtesy of TaylorMade.

Haney, who has coached more than 200 touring professionals across the world, will represent the TaylorMade brand by playing and teaching with TaylorMade
equipment, wearing the TaylorMade logo on his headwear and shirt sleeve and using a TaylorMade staff bag.

“I’m excited about working with TaylorMade Golf as they are clearly the industry leaders in equipment innovation,” Haney said. “We share a great passion for helping golfers of all skill levels improve their game by hitting it longer and straighter more often. I look forward to showcasing all the benefits of TaylorMade’s equipment with my students.”

In this video tip, Haney sheds some light on one of the most common faults among amateurs in the golf swing that causes tops and fat shots. Plus, he gives you some top tips on how to fix it.