Never Duff Another Chip


Anthony Wall Instruction

Here’s a brilliant little shot that you can play round the greens that is guaranteed to save you shots – I call it the ‘fluff free chip’ because it relies on a technique that makes chunking the grass first a thing of the past.

The basic idea is to lift the heel of the club off the ground so that the toe is the lowest point. This means standing much closer to the ball so the club shaft is almost upright. Keep your normal grip, but play the shot with something resembling your putting stroke (keeping the wrists firm). The ball should be slightly back in the stance with the hands just ahead of the ball.

Anthony Wall

You are playing the ball out of the toe, so it’ll come out quietly with very little spin. This means that you should be thinking about holing the shot. I know that sounds a lofty ambition, but this shot is easy, so why not try and chip it in?

It’s perfect out of slightly fluffy lies by the green, we’re talking five or 10 yards, and because you are playing it out of the toe, there is no spin to worry about on the shot. The ball will release straight at the hole.

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