Cut Your Score 3 - Learn the high lob shot


The golf lob shot is a handy tool to have in your bag. It's a real showman's shot and one which will really impress your mates, if you can pull it off. You need confidence and commitment to execute the lob shot with flair. Scott Cranfield gives you some simple tips to make it easier...

Step One:
When making this shot everything about your posture and setup needs to be lower. You want to create a lower centre of gravity in order to really emphasize the loft of the club.

Step Two:
Set your ball placement to just forward of centre with your weight very slightly on your back foot.

Step Three:
Have your hands sitting just behind the ball and allow the club to sit low. Keep nice and stable as you swing through and as you release allow the club face to overtake your hands (this will maintain the loft of the club).