• How To Hold Firm Greens With Tiger Woods

    Written by Tiger Woods on Tuesday, 25 August 2009

    To Course setup can dictate not only the kind of curvature you want on approach shots but also trajectory. When the greens are firm and the pins tucked, you need to hit it high to hold the green or get it in there close. hit the high ball, you have to produce more backspin, which is the result of more swing...

  • Perfect Impact Position

    Written by Lee Scarbrow on Monday, 10 August 2009

    We all like to smash the ball, and smash it hard! But understanding the position at which your club strikes the ball and the path it takes to get there is key to keeping it in the fairway. The impact position is something that we experience, but very rarely see for ourself. This is because it is a point moving through...