How To Hold Firm Greens With Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods Golf Instruction

To Course setup can dictate not only the kind of curvature you want on approach shots but also trajectory. When the greens are firm and the pins tucked, you need to hit it high to hold the green or get it in there close.

hit the high ball, you have to produce more backspin, which is the result of more swing speed. Try gripping the club at its full length and making a bigger motion -- a higher follow-through and fuller finish. I also might move the ball up in my stance about half a ball and make a little different release to really throw it up in the air.

Hit it high
Grip the club at its full length and produce a fuller follow through.

For example, my left wrist is bowed through impact on low shots. On high shots, though, I don't keep the back of my left wrist pointing to the ground as long. That different hand action can add loft for a high flight.

Depending on the lie, you might want to place a little more weight on your right foot at address. That will help you keep your weight behind the ball and not on top of it. Staying on top of the ball is more of a knockdown position for most players.