• The One Foot Waggle Iron Play Tip

    Written by Bradley Dredge on Wednesday, 25 February 2009

    You may have notice that before I play most shots that I’ll draw the club away from the ball by about a foot and then return it back to address. I carry out this little routine for two reasons. Firstly, I focus on taking the club away so that my shoulders, arms and clubhead are all that moves. My hips stay...

  • Free Your Swing

    Written by Nick Clemens on Sunday, 1 February 2009

    It’s often the fault your playing partners will throw out there as the first point of blame when you hit a bad shot. “Your head came up,” they might say. But keeping your head still throughout the golf swing can lead to even more wayward shots! As Today’s Golfer Elite Teaching Pro Nick Clemens points out in this golf video tip,...