• Hit the ball low with Anthony Wall

    Written by Anthony Wall on Friday, 17 July 2009

    When faced with a howling gale it's not advisable to throw the ball up in the air to the mercy of the elements. However, many golfers struggle to hit low, penetrating shots and instead just try to hit the ball harder. In this video Anthony Wall, European Tour pro, shows you how to achieve a lower trajectory with your iron shots and...

  • How To Hit A Draw With Soren Hansen

    Written by Soren Hansen on Thursday, 9 July 2009

    This is the one shot which many high-handicap amateurs struggle the most with, and yet if you think about it just for a moment, it’s actually quite an easy shot to execute. In this instance, a tree is right in the path of my target, and so I need to draw the ball around it. Stance...

  • Birdie Or Better With Zach Johnson

    Written by Zach Johnson on Thursday, 2 July 2009

    To hit crisper iron shots, I started addressing the ball with the shaft leaning forward. This is similar to the position I want to be in at impact, with my hands ahead of the ball. Before the start of 2008 my coach, Mike Bender, noticed that my hands were creeping away from the target at address, and I...