• Clip the tee for better ball striking

    Written by Michael Bannon on Tuesday, 25 August 2015

    An easy drill   Fault: Inconsistent ball striking. Fix: Try this simple little tip. It's aimed mainly at beginners and higher handicappers – but it never does any harm for stronger players to remind themselves of the basics of the game. If you struggle to hit crisp iron shots, you have to learn how to strike the ball properly. By that I mean...

  • Sharpen your ball striking with Michael Bannon

    Thursday, 13 August 2015

    I always like to give my pupils feels and visual aids to help ingrain any work I’ve done with them. Flooding their head with technical jargon is not going to reap the best results.  To be honest, Rory and I will often do the same – sometimes we’ll come up with a little feeling we want him to work on to cure...