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If you want to improve your putting and hole more putts, you’ve come to the right place – welcome to TG’s Top 10 Putting Tips Videos. Watch this collection of our best putting advice videos and soon you’ll be holing more putts every game. From quick drills you can practise in your own home, to the importance of posture, and how to putt under pressure, these videos will give you all the information you need to improve your putting skills. 

Top 10 Putting Videos Top 10 Putting Videos

1. Putting Practice

Want to improve your success at putting? Our No. 1 putting video will help you get a nice roll of your putts with the help of some double-sided sticky tape.


2. Hole more six foot putts

Take Stephen Orr’s advice in this putting tips video to change your mindset and start holing more mid-length putts.


Top 10 Putting Videos Top 10 Putting Videos

3. Video Tips: Luke Donald

Join Luke Donald in this video and follow his advice about getting the ball rolling.


4. Lighten your grip pressure

In this video tip from TG Elite Pro Chris Ryan, you’ll learn a couple of simple drills to help recreate this feeling.


Top 10 Putting Videos Top 10 Putting Videos

5. How to putt in the wind

Playing golf in bad weather is something we know a lot about in Britain, but if you watch this putting tips video you’ll be able to putt in the wind with no problems.


6. Feel your putting stroke

If you putt more feel into your putting stroke, you’ll have more success holing a putt – and you can even try this at home. Watch this video for a great putting drill.


Top 10 Putting Videos Top 10 Putting Videos

7. Try "The Claw"

In this putting tips video, TG Elite Teaching Professional Chris Ryan shows you the ‘claw’ grip could improve your putting stroke.


8. Keep your lower body stable

Do you have trouble squaring the clubface? In this video, TG Pro Stephen Orr explains why it’s important to stop moving during your stroke.


Top 10 Putting Videos Top 10 Putting Videos

9. Gauge the green speeds

You’ll roll more putts if you follow our expert putting advice in this video, which teaches you a simple putting drill to help you find the pace of the green.

10. Release the putter

Improve your distance control and you’ll be holing putts more often, explains TG Pro Gareth Johnston in this putting tips vid.