Five drills for better putting with Ken Brown


1. Two-putt drill

I’ve used this all-round practice routine since I was a lad.

You need three balls of the same type, preferably new ones. Set up eight starting points, evenly spaced around the perimeter of the green, and mark each with a tee. Hit three balls from each spot, trying to complete the eight ‘hole’ course in as few putts as possible. Allowing two putts per ball gives an overall par of 48. Breaking this par is not easy, even on a small green. With just a small improvement in your lag putting you will start to eliminate three-putts.



The pin position and shape of the green means you are practising touch and feel from various lines and lengths.

Remember to keep your head steady and you will then find the sweetspot on the putter face more often.

Keeping a score adds an element of competition that builds pressure and allows you to track your improvement. 

By using three balls from each tee you can modify line or pace if you make a misjudgement, building your feel. 


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