• Get rid of your anxiety over short putts

    Thursday, 21 September 2017

    Stop, lock and listen: Learn two ways to thwart anxiety on your second putt On short putts, anxiety often causes us to follow the roll of the ball with our eyes. In itself that's OK, but the problem here is that eye movement can lead to head movement, which tends to mean shoulder movement. Before you know it, you've yanked the...

  • Why accelerating works better than a pendulum

    Thursday, 7 September 2017

    Get off the clock: In this tip, learn why accelerating works better than a pendulum "Swing the putter like a pendulum" is one of those ageless pieces of advice we'd do better to ignore. While the concept of the pure swing of the pendulum is a seductive one, it rarely translates into improved putting performance. For one thing, unless you're a machine, it...