Lob Shot From Rough


Rough justice... your golf ball has nestled down into some fluffy rough at the back of the green.

The pin is less than ten yards away and you need to play a high, soft-landing lob. It's US Tour pro Phil Mickelson's speciality and he makes it look easy, but taking this shot on is risky business.

Get it wrong and you'll end up in even more trouble. Nick Bradley explains how there are two ways of playing this tough shot, one failsafe method for 15-handicappers and above and a technique requiring more finesse for the better player off a 14 handicap or less.

There are two different ways of approaching this shot depending on your golfing ability.

For 15 handicappers and above:
Create a very wide and stable stance, you want to feel grounded. Set your club grip with the right hand open and take your regular grip, don’t be tempted to open the face. Your arms should place the club grip in the centre of your setup creating a ‘Y’ shape with the club shaft. Take your shot. Because this shot is often filled with anxiety many players have a tendency to lookup too early and top the ball, count 1 second after hitting the ball to help render this.

For 15 handicappers and below:
Use the same setup as above. Take the club slightly more inside and re-root it whilst it is behind you, almost in a figure of eight. The re-rooting will enable you to control the pace of your downswing – aiding temp and rhythm. Also, you will be forced to approach the ball at a slightly shallower angle, allowing the club to glide beneath the ball and achieve the loft required.