When you're ball is sitting down in the rough, it can be frustrating to consider that you might not be able to reach the green in regulation because of it.

But with a minor adjustment to your swing, you can gain those extra precious yards from a desperate lie and two-putt your way to an easy par.

The key is to take the club away outside the ball-to-target line. The two canes in the picture (above) highlight the two clubhead paths.

The left cane demonstrates the normal takeaway path and the right cane demonstrates the new line the clubhead should come away on when hitting from a bad lie in the rough.

Taking the club away higher, outside the target line, helps you to come into the ball steeper, meaning less grass gets caught between the clubhead and the ball.

As an extra tip, remember to open the clubface slightly and grip the club a little firmer than usual with the left hand. This prevents the grass from grabbing the clubhead and twisting it, pulling the ball left.