Seperate The Preperation From Execution Chipping Lesson


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Being in the bubble chipping lesson…

A mental tip I find useful with chipping is to separate the preparation from the execution. If you do that successfully, you’ll find that you can be much more relaxed over the ball and will be less likely to worry about where it goes. Let me explain.
For any chip shot, your first task is to picture the shot you need to play to get the ball as close to the hole as you can.

Visualise the stroke you are going to play, see the ball in the air, find a landing spot and make a judgement on how it will roll up to the hole. Your experience as a player will help you do all those things. Once you’ve selected the shot you want to play, you need to forget about the hole. Just execute the shot that is required.

Hopefully, you’ll have practised this hundreds of times, so it is just a question of repeating the shot as you would as if the green wasn’t there. The other advantage is that you can learn more quickly.

If the shot doesn’t come off, you need to either improve your technique or your judgement of the right shot selection.

Seperate The Preperation From Execution Chipping Lesson

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