Boo Weekley Chipping and Pitching Tip


And it comes from that fun-loving, big-hitting US Ryder Cup hero Boo Weekley.

Big Boo can belt the ball miles but surprise, surprise he’s not offering you a power tip to gain more distance with your ‘big dog.’

He wants you to concentrate on improving your chipping and pitching, insisting: “The most important tip I can give to your readers is practice and work a lot more hitting shots into the green from the 40-50 yards range.

“If you do that I can guarantee you will save yourself loads of shots. It’s all about getting that ball as close to the hole as possible and if you can do that you should be able to give yourself heaps of birdie chances.

“If club golfers can work on their chipping and pitching, their putting and shots around the greens I’m sure they’ll enjoy the game a helluva lot more!”

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