• Warming up on the range with Alastair Forsyth

    Written by Alastair Forsyth on Friday, 17 July 2009

    Come on, admit it. You're one of those golfers who runs on to the range and bombs a few drives off the tee before leaving to start your round, aren't you? Everyone's done it but, let's face it, it's no way to prepare for a round. Watch this video with European Tour pro Alastair Forsyth for some tips on how to warm...

  • Biomechanics With Dave Phillips

    Written by Dave Phillips on Thursday, 9 July 2009

    Maintaining a stable posture throughout the swing is essential for power, consistency and lower scores. But proper posture doesn’t come simply from practising swing mechanics. You need to train specific muscles, too. Think of your spine as a radio tower with four guide wires that keep it stable and allow you to swing properly. The first wire is your rectus abdominis...