Download the Pre-Shot Training Programme


The mental side of the game has never been more important on Tour, as players eek every ounce of performance in order to compete at the highest level.

Jon Finn, a former university lecturer and has produced a free document for users, to help you improve your mental attitude to the game.

Finn has identified four tools to tackle problems of confidence, concentration and anxiety/activation:
• Imagery - the use of pictures in your mind
• Self talk - a continual dialogue with yourself
• Activation-regulation - the ability to psych up and down using techniques such as breathing
• Goal-setting - process goals, focusing on what you have to do

Finn has packaged these together for assistants, using four coloured zones to give ordinary golfers a tangible idea of the mental approach. It is called the Pre-Shot Training System.

"Golfers have always related to the importance of psychology in golf," says Finn. "But whereas six years ago it was split 70:30, now 100 per cent of them recognise its significance.

"In the past golf psychology has had a skewed reputation but in reality psychology is just about what an individual is thinking.

"Getting that message across has been the challenge but with people like Bob Rotella it's becoming more acceptable.

"Traditionally the idea of seeing a psychologist was viewed as a sign of weakness but elite level performers have long recognised the importance of being strong mentally."