Matchplay - Always intend to mark your ball


You can become unnecessarily frustrated in matchplay if you expect your opponent to give you a putt, only for them to stare at the floor quietly when you look over. This could lead to you making poor decisions or swings on the subsequent holes, giving your opponent the psychological upper hand.

A way to prevent this is from the very start of the match is to always intend to mark your ball, regardless of the length of putt you are left with. This sends a message to your opponent that you’re willing to hole out every time and are confident in doing so.

It may even cause your opponent to miss their putt because a little bit of extra pressure has been placed on them as he knows your confidence levels are high.

In this video tip from TG Elite Pro Scott Cranfield, some of the other benefits of this approach are explained. It should win you a hole or two in your next match.