Cut Your Score 3 - golf shots from the rough


If your golf ball nestles down in deep rough around the green, the easiest way to recover from this nasty lie is to play the shot as you would a splash from sand. Open up the clubface of your sand wedge, splash through the grass and watch as the golf ball pops up easily into the air and lands softly on the green.

Step One:
The most important thing to bear in mind here is your angle of attack. You need the club to come down steep towards the ball to prevent the club hitting the ground too early and losing speed.

Step Two:
In order to achieve this, open the club face slightly. You want your centre of gravity nice and low with your knees pushed forwards towards your target.

Step Three:
Bring your takeaway back to an angle where your wrist set creates a right angle between your arms and the club.

Make your swing with confidence and let the club do the work.