Dont Leave Your Body Behind with Mikko Ilonen


The takeaway has to be one of the most important moves of all in the golf swing because if you get that wrong then you are fighting the rest of the way. I have a habit of moving the arms and club away from the ball without turning the body. This means I’m immediately out of sync, get ahead with my upper body and lose the shot to the right.

A drill I use is to put a golf glove under each arm and then hit shots making sure that the gloves are clamped firmly in place. This forces me to work my body, arms and club away from the ball in one go.

At Address

Placing a golf glove under each arm is a very simple way of ensuring that you move your body and arms away from the ball in one piece.

I’m hitting a Callaway utility driving iron here with a flighted shaft that gives the ball a higher trajectory. I prefer irons to hybrids because I think they are more reliable. I find the rescue has a feeling that it goes left all the time. It’s too easy to turn it over, especially when you are hitting into a wind. 

Hands In Front

I’m halfway back and my hands are still opposite my chest and in sync with my turn away from the ball.