Lee Westwood Swing Sequence Golf Tip


It’s no secret that Lee Westwood has put an awful lot of work in over the last few years in an effort to raise his game to the next level.

Building up his core strength has been a primary objective and, from the outside looking in, it is immediately evident that the exercises and drills he has been doing have had a profound effect on his swing.

The main sequence here was shot in Dubai this year and it is fascinating to see how Lee has improved some fundamental areas of his swing over a comparatively short space of time. Like so many of the world’s top players, he’s always had great rhythm and an uncanny ability to get the job done, but Lee would probably be the first to admit that there have been flaws in the way he swings the club that have been with him from quite a young age.

Lee has improved some fundamental areas of his swing
The inset here shows how Lee used to have his weight forward at address.  Now that  he has bent his knees, his spine has come up into a better position.

So many of the problems that occur can be traced back to the address position and the posture the player has over the ball. I think Lee used to have too much weight in his toes, not enough knee flex and he didn’t have much rotation in his left arm in the backswing. But if you analyse his positions now, you can see quite clearly that he’s made huge strides to rectify some of those errors and as a result his whole move now looks much more technically sound.

Will this make him a better player? I think so. It has to. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to go out and win tournaments everywhere because technique is only part of the story. But I like the direction Lee is going in and if his confidence is boosted by the clear improvements that he has made then you should look to Westwood to be a very big player indeed over the next few seasons on Tour.

Lee Westwood Swing Sequence


Lee WestWood Swing Sequence 1

Lee WestWood Swing Sequencev 2

Lee WestWood Swing Sequence 3
Lee’s clubface at the top of the backswing is perfect, but I  think his left knee goes a touch too far in picture 4.

Lee WestWood Swing Sequence 4

Lee WestWood Swing Sequence 5

Lee WestWood Swing Sequence 6

Lee WestWood Swing Sequence 7

Lee WestWood Swing Sequence 8
Lee has a very solid leg action which gives him great stability through impact and beyond.

Lee WestWood Swing Sequence 9

Lee WestWood Swing Sequence 10
A wonderful balanced finish, but if I was being very fussy  then I’d like to see his right foot remain upright.