Work Your Left knee with Simon Khan


I carry the yellow stick you see here everywhere I go because as a practice aid there is nothing better. Lots of pros now carry them in their bags. I could give you any number of uses, from laying it on the ground as an alignment aid to checking out the plane of your swing.

Magic Wand
Use the yellow stick
The yellow stick is the perfect tool for a number of drills. Here I’ve got it set up ready to check I’m moving my lower body through to the target at impact.

Here, though, I’m using it to encourage the correct move on the downswing. Placing the stick a couple of inches outside my left foot, I think about trying to brush against it with my knee as I start the downswing. This helps me to concentrate on transferring my weight properly and clearing my hips.

On The Move
Your knee should brush the left stick
My knee brushing the yellow stick is proof that I’ve transferred my weight properly.