Break 80: We want drag, not drop


The better player has learned the downswing begins from the ground up. However the muscles in the thighs and hips are strong; it’s easy to drive them too hard, causing the club to drop inside and lag behind.

Sensing a block the player releases hard, creating a hook. To solve this problem, we need to get out of that old, dropping move by creating a downswing that moves the club more out in front of you.

You will create this new shape by feeling your downswing is powered by body rotation dragging the arms through. This will maintain pressure between the body and left arm, holding the card in place; fail to rotate and the card falls.

To help you find the right downswing feel, stick a credit card between your left chest and arm. You will need to apply some pressure to hold the card in place.

This more rotational, level downswing sees the right shoulder feel higher and the belt line more level at the finish. The shaft line is more horizontal, matching the golfer’s eyeline.