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People probably have a perception of me as someone who enjoys their time off. But I certainly feel that I’ve been putting the hard work in. I’m on the range before anyone else in the morning and I’m frequently the last to leave.

I’m still young and learning from my mistakes. This year I’m going to try and go out and enjoy the game again. Last season, I feel that I was playing for different reasons and it wasn’t helping. I wasn’t enjoying the game as I should.

Everything got in the way last year, both on and off the course. There was a lot of pressure on me. People were looking at me to perform and I really felt that weight of expectation every week.

This game can take you to extraordinary highs, but it can also drop you to terrible lows and I reckon that I’ve experienced both. But the support I’ve had from other players has been tremendous. Ernie Els has always got time for me and Rory McIlroy has been a breath of fresh air.

My weakness is that I enjoy my night life. All my mates back home are at university and they are able to have a night out all the time. I’m a professional golfer and I have to understand that when I’m on Tour I need to knuckle down and work. No more partying during the week.

My work on the range has been trying not to let the club get caught behind me. Sometimes I pick it up a little outside and then get behind my body.

Cocking my wrists quite early sets the club on a good plane and then I try and go straight up into a good high hands position at the top of the backswing.

You don’t want to rush the transition, just drop your hands back down before releasing through impact.

Sometimes you get on the course and it feels a bit different, but you’ve got to keep grinding. I know it’ll come good in the end.

Anton Haig swing squence...


Anton Haig swing squence 1


Anton Haig swing squence 2

When players talk about keeping the club in front of the body, the first two frames show that well.


Anton Haig swing squence 3

Notice how Anton maintains a consistent spine angle right through the swing.


Anton Haig swing squence 4

Compare the frist two images with the second two images: the positions are very similar. Anton has worked on dropping the club down and into the slot.


Anton Haig swing squence 5

Maintaining the flex in the right knee at the top of the backswing is key to a good leg action.


Anton Haig swing squence 6


Anton Haig swing squence 7


Anton Haig swing squence 8

Technically, the right knee here has worked a little too much towards the ball.


Anton Haig swing squence 9


Anton Haig swing squence 10

A perfect, balanced finish, something that we should all be trying to achieve on every shot.