Sergio Garcia Swing Sequence Golf Tip


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Swing analysis by leading Tour coach Lee Scarbrow...

Compare this footage of Sergio Garcia's action to his swing four years ago and you can see immediately just how much work he has put in to iron out any inconsistencies in his technique.

The flattening of the plane on the downswing that has very much been a characteristic of the Spaniards, is not as pronounced as it once was. The move is still there, but Sergio is not as high in the backswing now with his left arm more across his chest.

This whole dropping of his hands and getting the club behind him has to be a product of finding a way to hit the ball a long way when he was young. You can hit harder from the inside, than you can coming over the top, but it does require very good timing - which is something Sergio has in abundance.

I love the address position of the Ryder Cup star here. Coaches will talk about the gap between his hips and his shoulders being maximised, but that is in relation to the ground and it just means that he is standing tall.

His initial takeaway is very Tiger like in that he has an incredible extension of his right arm.

It doesn't hinge much until his hands get above his hips, which gives the impression that he never sets' the club until very late on.

His hands just drop for the first two feet of his move back to the ball, but because he is now a touch flatter in plane, his left hand works slightIv more towards the ball.

This means that he's getting the club more in front of him, rather than caught behind, which is a good improvement from the Flayers champion.

The amazing thing is how little his hips move in the last four frames compared to the clubhead. The speed of his hands is terrific.

Note too how his right knee works towards the left one and not out towards the ball.


Sergio Garcia Swing Sequence Golf Tip