Hybrids: One club, five shots - Fairway bunkers

2. Fairway bunkers


You've leaked your drive into a fairway bunker, meaning you're a long way back. If the lip is low enough, the hybrid is easy to clip off the top of the sand and advance down the fairway or close to the green. This can put you back in prime position, but base your selection on what is in front of you. If you're too greedy you can find yourself in a tougher spot.



 Avoid spine leanaway


 Watch your lip



This sprawling fairway bunker with a low lip is perfect for a hybrid as it gives you good margin for error on the way out. Anything higher than this could see you leave it in the bunker; take a lofted iron and get it back in play.

When people see a bunker lip they try to get the ball up quickly – so lean back, away from the target. But this causes fats and success here is all about picking the ball clean. Instead keep your shirt buttons above your belt buckle, your weight central, grip down slightly and trust the face loft.



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