Succeed in slopes from sand


Upslopes, downslopes or sideslopes make contacting the sand with the correct angle of attack even harder, thus raising the tariff of the shot considerably.

Never has burying your feet in sand been more important than when your weight is being affected by gravity and the gradient you’re on – so be sure to set yourself down firmly by wiggling your feet. 

The key during your swing, as Andrew Murray explains in this video tip, is to match your body with the slope. Fighting against the slope makes it an uphill task, so
to speak. Going with the slope ensures your angle of attack is similar to that of when hitting from a flat lie, so the consistency of your strike should still be high. 

Placing a rake in the sand shows how you need to get your spine perpendicular to the slope. The spine matches the rake handle, setting up with the slope.

On a downslope, the weight should move towards the lower foot, the ball towards the higher foot. Open the clubface and hit down the slope keeping the weight on the left foot.