Cleveland Altitude irons


Starting with the 588 Altitude, this iron does as the name would suggest by giving golfers who struggle to achieve a higher ball flight generate more altitude, carry and therefore distance on every shot. With the head being so forgiving, even mishit shots will see a marked improvement for golfers with a higher handicap. This is a superb game improving iron for higher handicapped players and anyone who struggles with their longer irons.

The 588 Altitude range is a hybrid-iron set that features a full hollow headed construction with advanced internal weighting. This adds forgiveness and promotes a lower, deeper centre of gravity in the clubhead on impact with the ball, producing optimal launch and effortless distance.

Another feature of the 588 Altitude irons is the ability to change the face angle thanks to a bendable hosel, giving golfers adjustability in their irons by as much as two degrees either way to accommodate different swing types. Hitting the ball longer and higher has never been easier than with the 588 Altitude irons.