DMDs and Shot-Tracers


Best handheld GPS: SkyCaddie SX400 – £299.95

We’re big fans of SkyCaddie’s SX500 GPS because of its cracking graphics, iPhone-style functionality and the sheer amount of info it can display about a hole. The SX400 does pretty much all that, but in a much more compact size.

There’s a four-inch HD touchscreen instead of five-inch, and it doesn’t have a camera. But if you can live with that (we can) you still get vividly crisp hole graphics, SkyCaddie’s superbly detailed mapping (more info than you will ever need about the length and shape of every hole and green, all mapped by hand), customisable pin positions, aerial hole views plus the chance to move your target, so you know for certain how far you have to clear the bunker on the corner of the dog-leg…

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It’s a seriously clever piece of kit that’s beautifully executed.


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Best micro GPS: Bushnell Phantom – £99

If all you really need when you play is a simple yardage to a hazard or the middle of the green, Bushnell’s Phantom has you covered. It’s about as no-nonsense as you can get, with a price to match.

You see all the front, centre and back yardages for each green, along with four hazard/lay-up yardages per hole.

A high-powered magnet inside means it attaches easily to a belt buckle, electric trolley or any metal surface.

Comes pre-loaded with 36,000 courses in more than 30 countries.


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Best shot-tracker: Arccos Caddie – £249.99

Arccos have been collating golfers’ stats since 2014, and now have more than four million rounds logged from their 300,000 customers.

There are other grip-based shot-tracking systems out there, but Arccos Caddie takes it a huge step further by learning about your game every time you go out, so it will advise you on the best way to play and score better. So, when you grab a 9-iron for that 132-yard shot uphill into a little breeze, Arccos may suggest that, based on the same scenario numerous times before, you really need your 7-iron to cover that yardage…

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Ping have now joined Cobra in offering Arccos tags on their clubs; even more validation of this impressive tech.


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Best GPS watch: ShotScope V2 – £139

There are many GPS watches on sale now – but only one of them offers sophisticated shot tracking as well, and that’s Shot Scope’s V2. It’s like getting two gadgets for the price of one, and we love it.

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The watch has all the functionality you’d expect. But when you consider the V2 comes with 14 tags (to be inserted into the grips of each of your clubs) so you can track where you hit every shot on the course and then analyse the data, it’s superb value; and the analytics you can access about your game are fascinating.

Golfers who track their stats can improve 46 times faster than those who don’t.


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Best laser rangefinder: Bushnell Tour V5 – £299

There are a LOT of lasers out there for golfers now, at lots of different prices. They all give you the same basic information – a number to a flag or a hazard – so how do you choose one over another?

In our view, the Bushnell is the business for its features. We love the JOLT technology, which shakes and now displays a red ring when it locks on your target. And the magnetic mount (BITE) is such a neat idea for securing it to a trolley.

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If you want the Slope function you’ll need to upgrade to the Tour V5 Shift.


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