In need of a total game transformation? Try these simple tee peg tips!

Straighter shots, fewer putts, power hits, we’re all striving to improve one aspect of our golf swing or another, but sometimes making changes can be a complicated business.

That’s why we set out to find a simple training aid that could help you conquer your golfing complaints in all aspects of the game. And guess what we found…all you need is a handful of tees.

That’s right, this humble 2p wooden stick genuinely holds the solution to your problems, be they on the greens or off the tee. It’s the simplest and cheapest game improvement investment you’ll ever make. Still don’t believe us? In the latest issue of Today’s Golfer we’ve shown you 23 ways to give your game a total makeover courtesy of a wooden tee. Now we’ve added a handful of extra video tips to help you on your way to lower scores…

Say goodbye to the shank

The shank is one of the most embarrassing shots in golf. There’s nothing more destructive than watching your ball squirt straight right out of the corner of the club and into trouble. There is an easy way to stop this happening; all you need is a single tee.

Straighten your slice

If you want to hit longer, straighter shots then you have to stop your ball veering left-to-right in flight. That means changing your swing path from out-to-in, to in-to-out. Confused? Watch this simple tip to help.

Hate your hook?

Golfers who snap hook shots are usually very ‘handsy’ players. When the hands are too active they whip through impact releasing the club to shut. The good news is that you’re now far away from having a very manageable action that will promote a distance-inducing draw. Here’s how to change your technique.

Up your power

We’d all love to add an extra few yards to our tee shots, but as soon as we try to hit the ball harder we lose control. And that robs you of control – more valuable than the extra distance. A fuller shoulder turn will increase your coil and your swing speed and that’s the magical ingredient to distance. You can make this faster move with control with a little practice.

No more chipping yips

When faced with a delicate chip shot to a close pin position it’s easy to get a bit anxious and let the hands flick at the ball. Do so and you could face the horror of hitting the ground before the ball and duffing the shot. The simple solution is to take the hands out of the action and just rock the club gently back and forth from the shoulders. A tee peg in the glove can help you develop this tidy technique.

Get up and down

The secret to shaving shots off your scores is to get up and down around the greens. This requires a sound chipping technique, and most importantly, excellent distance control. A great way to practice distance is to peg out a row of tee pegs to the hole and practice chipping to each peg, so that the ball runs out with perfect pace to the pin.

Swing plane explained

One of the most complicated aspects of the golf swing is the swing plane. Few of us understand what the swing plane is and why letting your club follow this correct path is essential. Try this simple drill and it will all become crystal clear.

Punch low into the wind

On a windy day the most useful shot you can play is a low, drilling iron. By keeping the ball flight trajectory down your shots will penetrate a strong headwind, rather than ballooning out of control. A tee peg can train you to change your shot height in one simple move.

Putt with precision

You can save the most shots during a round of golf on the greens – fact. That’s why it’s really important you develop a sound, repeatable stroke that will roll the ball into the back of the cup with precision. Try this quick drill to improve your putting accuracy.

 Stop the sway

Any lateral, or side-to-side body movement in the backswing will rob you of power and control. The secret to consistency is to learn to transfer your weight correctly onto the right side in the backswing and then through to the left side into your finish. A couple of tee pegs will get you on the right track.

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