Back To Skool


Settle down at the back - it's time to make sure you don't look a numpty by covering the basics of golf. It’s a need-to-know quick fix on rules, equipment and instruction

How far back can you drop once you’ve seen your ball sail into a river on the 6th? What are the benefits of square drivers? Why do you always slice on that tricky par-4, dog-leg left?

If you are struggling a little with any of these golfing conundrums, or have similar questions floating around in your head, the Back To Skool guide is here to help.

TG’s Back to Skool guide will help you brush up on three vital components of the game:

Rules and etiquette, equipment, and instruction. It’s a quick guide to make sure you stay ahead of the game during this Sunday’s fourball. And once you’ve sussed out some of the pointers surrounding the rules, you will be able to use them to your advantage, and they could actually save some shots when you are out on the course.

The golf equipment section will ensure you have the basic knowledge to make up a half-decent bag and that you are spending your cash wisely. It will also arm you with the right questions to ask at the shops once you’ve decided it’s time to buy.

There’s also some back-to-basics instruction that should give you a good basis for a solid golf swing. It covers your set-up, the position you should be in at the top of your backswing and the position you should be in at the end of your swing. Knowledge is power, after all!

 Rules & Etiquette