Bionic Glove Training Aid


They say:

The Bionic Glove is designed to help add distance and increase swing speed to your golf game by improving your grip. Invented by one of America’s leading orthopaedic hand surgeons, its design is based on the anatomy of the hand. The doctor has employed science and ergonomics to improve grip strength, torque control, comfort, feel and dexterity. Anatomical relief pads help prevent the club from twisting at the moment of contact and increase swing speed.

Wayne’s (TG reader) verdict:

The name ‘Bionic’ sounds like something out of a superhero cartoon strip, but this glove does live up to its ‘amazing’ claims. The biggest difference is in your connection with the club. The glove is much thicker than a normal one, which takes quite a bit of getting used to. But the extra padding, support and stitching accross the palm of the hand and fingers does make your connection with the club feel much stronger. And with a firmer grip, you feel like you have greater control of the club in your hands, and that definitely helped me swing more positively and powerfully.

Distance gained: 16 yards

Price: £15.99

Contact: 0161 4832000

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