Dec 14 Golfisgood


Golf is growing in popularity, according to a recent sruvery into leisure activities.

The results show that nearly 1.5million people play golf each month, making it the seventh most popular sport and recreational activity in the country behind recreational walking, swimming, going to the gym, recreational cycling, football and running/jogging. This equates to 3.6% of the adult population of England playing golf at least once a month.

Despite having just under 900,000 club members, golf also has room for growth. With a well developed and accessible network of places where people can learn and play the sport (over 400 ranges and 2,000 clubs in England alone), access to facilities is not as significant an issue for the sport as it is for others.

Bill Bryce, Chairman of England Golf said: “Naturally, we are delighted that Sport England’s Active People survey has confirmed what we in golf have believed for some time. The findings demonstrate that golf is a major contributor to the health of the nation and we are certain that it is also one that offers even greater leisure opportunities in the future for people in all walks of life.”