dec19 reader golf tips


Do you have a clever little golf tip to share? Have you ever been shown a great golf swing technique or handy little tip to get you out of trouble or reduce the impact of a swing fault? If so Today's Golfer needs YOU!

The next issue of our best selling magazine will feature golf tips from our readers (you!) and we need as many as possible to make it possible.

Every one of us has been passed down a golf tuition tip of one kind or another - whether it be something as small as 'grip your putter softer for smoother ball striking' or a little swing thought to slow your back swing down.

Whatever it is we need you to share it with us and your fellow golfers and if its good enough you'll star in a a future issue of Today's Golfer.

To add your golf tip simply make sure you're logged on to the site and then simply hit the 'Discuss This' button below or email it to You can then add your tip, making sure you leave your name, and we'll publish it.

Thanks for spending the time to add your comments and keep an eye on our magazine for your five minutes of fame!