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Today's Golfer's golf equipment team are out in Munich at the biggest golf equipment show in Europe to bring you yet more 2009 golf equipment exclusives.

Below is TG's Equipment Editor Jon Greathead's blog direct from the show designed to bring you the inside line of the great, and not so great golf equipment of 2009...

October 7th

Right, the European Golf Show is drawing to a close and we've had some interesting discussions with lots of manufacturers in order to be able to bring  you the latest and greatest golf gear over the next six months or so.

We can't say too much but there is going to be a lot of exciting new products soon, so keep loggng on and buying our wonderful magazine over the next few months!

That's pretty much it from Munich...we've seen the good, the bad and the plain ugly but all in all it's been a successful trip!


Morning all!

It's the last day of the European Golf Show in Munich and, after an initial walkaround, it looks like it's going to be a pretty quiet one, with a much smaller amount of people at the venue than the previous two days.

BUT that might just be a good thing, because that means I'm going to have a bit more time to go and check out some of the more "interesting" bits of kit on display and show them to you lot a bit later on.

Keep an eye out for some new Srixon products that I should be able to get a sneak peak of in a while, and if there's anything else that I reckon you guys and girls will want to see I'll be tap, tap, tapping away on my trusty laptop!

Have a great Tuesday morning, and I'll be back later today!



October 6th


This is a little bit of an unexpected Blog post, but I'Ve just had a quick look at some of the new Callaway equipment for 2009!

Check out the new Diablo driver, which we've got a sneak peak of for you! It will be on the website later this afternoon!


Bad news. If you're logging on expecting to read some sort of interview with Seve about the new range of MD Golf clubs he's helped develop, then you're going to be disappointed.

The great man was taken ill late last night and was not permitted to fly to the show.

BUT, I've got some info on the new range which you can see by clicking here, and I've also had a chat with the Benross team who have some very exciting new gear for next year. Follow the link to see their latest innovation!

Right, I'm leaving the warmth of the press centre now to go and see what else we can conjure up to bring you!!

Oh, just for the human interest angle in the blog, I thought you might like this. Being a fairly healthy "geezer" I went out onto the mean streets of Munich this morning for a nice, long, after last night's festivities at the OktoberFest I can assure beer was the last thing on my mind...but the Germans are made of stronger stuff clearly. A group of businessmen were "throwing" the amber nectar down their throats and smoking to their heart's content...all before 8am.

Is Munich the most unhealthy city in Europe....hmm, it's up there!

October 5th

Wow! What a place Munich is! You can't move for strangely dressed people and stupidly strong German lager!

Well, day one at the show was a very quiet affair, and we didn't really see much  gear that we haven't shown to you before in either the magazine or online.

And this is a bit of a strange one; some of the real big boys aren't showcasing their new products...but no fear, we've had a chat with some of the smaller brands to go through their new gear for 2009 and hopefully on Monday I will be able to bring you some more exciting news...especially as we have a date with one Mr Seve Ballesteros lined up!.

Until tomorrow, Auf Wiedersehen Pet!

October 4th:

So we're here! After a 4am start and a dreary-eyed trudge to Stansted Airport we've made it to the (part time!) beer capital of the world.

For those that don't know Golf Europe is the golf industry's annual get together to see the gear we'll all be using next year - and as a result we're all like kids in a sweet shop! Well we would be if we hadn't had to endure an horrific journey to get here (late planes, trains and automobiles!!).

The show offically opens today and we'll be bringing you all the news direct from the show on the site, so keep coming back as we update our blog. Right, now where are those hiking boots cos' we've got a lot of walking to do...