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Ping has stepped up its custom-fitting service by having interchangeable shafts and clubheads at its major retailers.

There are 40 G10 golf driver head options with different lofts and weights and 40 different golf club shafts. The pro at the shop can custom fit your driver while you wait and you can instantly test then shaft.

There will also be interchangeable irons. Ping will be able to slot in a different shaft in the Ping G10 irons, the Ping S58s and the Ping Raptures.

Customers will not be able to take a spanner to the golf club themselves as Ping feels this is asking too much of the customer. Pete Samuels, of Ping, said: “We want on-the-spot changes and this takes custom-fitting to a new level. It won’t cost the consumer any more but they can get the shaft that suits them there and then.”

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