July9 Nike


Nike has unveiled a super-cool all-black version of its SV wedges.

The company have been making some great looking wedges for a while yet nothing has stopped them cracking on to make this superb looking club - at the request of Tour players.

The SV Tour black satin is virtually the same as the lovely SV Tour which TG tested earlier in the season. But by coming up with its silky satin finish they’ve developed a look which will put a smile on lots of better golfers faces. By CNC milling the clubs face and grooves they guarantee consistency and accuracy, and a versatile sole means its capable of getting you out of jail no matter what the lie.

Finally the cunningly classical shaped head should be to the liking of most golfers! As these beauties should be hitting the shops shortly with a very reasonable £69 price tag we reckon their well worth a shot if your in the market for a new wedge! For further information visit www.nikegolf.com/europe or call 0800 056 1640.