Jun26 Gear Round-Up


We asked manufacturers to send us their 2007 hybrids with lofts as close to 21 degrees as possible. Each club was hit by a pro on a launch monitor to record his performance (we only used stats from shots he was happy with), and by our amateur testers.

Just follow the links to see the results...

Gold award: King Cobra Baffler DWS
‘To set free’ is one meaning of the word rescue in the dictionary. And that’s exactly what we reckon the Cobra DWS can do for your long iron game. If, like most golfers, you struggle to hit crisp 3 and 4-irons from tee, fairway or light rough, then this club has the ability to set your game alight from 200 yards in.

Silver award: TaylorMade Burner
The body is wider than most rescues and almost looks like a mini fairway wood, something that breeds lots of confidence. The big weight plug in the sole couldn’t be any further from the face, which means that when you’re attacking a par 5 in two, the clubhead stops shots from wandering as they might with a long iron.

Bronze award: Cleveland HiBore
As one of the highest flying and spinning clubs on test, we reckon it’s possible to use this just like a mid-iron, stopping balls sharply on greens. Just as impressive is the way the club doesn’t lose distance despite launching shots high.

Best budget: Ben Sayers M8
It’s not often we refer to golf clubs as bargain buys. But we feel the Ben Sayers is slightly different. Firstly it costs less than £40, and secondly it has all the properties decent rescue clubs need to help golfers play better.