May10 Nike golfsystem


Nike is hoping to get kids hooked on golf - and then hooked on their gear forever. 
Inspired by Tiger Woods, one of the best "kids" to ever play the game, the new Nike Golf Learning System offers boys and girls a fun, comprehensive and instructional entry into golf.
"Equipment forms the foundation for a child being introduced to golf," said Woods. "Without a strong foundation, they are less likely to stick with it. This was a fun project for me and I was excited when Nike Golf asked me to play this role."
Woods and Nike Golf agreed that the emphasis of the Learning System, which includes clubs, balls, bags, gloves and footwear, would be on having fun and seeing results. From this they targeted four key areas:
*  Use high-quality materials, such as steel heads and graphite shafts, that make the equipment last and perform up to adult-level standards.
*  Apply forgiving yet progressively more challenging designs that allow young golfers to get the ball into the air, and hit long and straight through learning and practice.
*  Incorporate the sizing system borrowed directly from Woods' early days of learning.
*  Create a visual aesthetic straight from Tiger's bag for inspiration - it's not Tiger's driver but it will be fun to pretend.
"Kids need to see results but without being patronised. The mistake I've seen in many clubs for kids is in the poor quality of materials used such as aluminium in the club head. The steel head construction was built to last," Woods added. "The other point of difference is in the shaft. Kids want to get the ball in the air because the game is more fun in the air. We opted for graphite but not too flexible."
The Par Red (for kids less than 50-inches tall), Birdie Blue (51 to 58-inches tall) and the Eagle Silver (59 to 66-inches tall) golf club sizing levels were derived from an Algebraic formula that Woods' father applied when developing the sizing for his son when he was an aspiring young champion. The system is based upon the length of clubs ideal for a man who is 5-foot-8-inches tall. The levels offer the perfect opportunity for any kid to enter the game and develop their skills at any time.
Understanding that younger boys and girls need only certain golf club essentials when learning the game, Nike Golf created the four key components for the Par Red 3 range: a driver (RRP: £29.99), a mid-iron (RRP: £24.99), a wedge (RRP: £24.99) and a putter (RRP: £24.99).

The Birdie Blue 3 range offers an additional hybrid (£29.99 €44.99 SEK 450) to sit alongside the driver (RRP: £29.99 €44.99 SEK 450.00), a mid-iron (SRP: £24.99 €34.99 SEK 350.00), a wedge (RRP: £24.99 €34.99 SEK 350.00) and a putter (RRP: £24.99).
For the older kids, the Eagle Silver 3 range offers a larger set incorporating a fairway wood (£29.99): a driver (£29.99), a mid iron (£24.99), a #7 iron (£24.99), a wedge (£24.99) and a putter (£24.99).

Corresponding to the progression in heights the three levels of clubs offer more forgiveness and less weight, as they get smaller in size.
In addition to the club essentials Nike Golf offers carry bags in Par Red (£21), Birdie Blue (£35) and Eagle Silver (£50), the Stretch Jr. glove (£7), and the EZ-Distance Ball 6 pack (£9) as part of the complete Learning System.
Nike Golf also offers the SP-3 Junior golf shoe (£35) in black/white and white/black with a leather upper and full length Phylon midsole providing extra cushioning and comfort.  The shoe also incorporates the newly designed T@C4 rubber outsole technology with Scorpion Stinger Spikes and Q-LOK system and is available in sizes 3Y-6Y.
The EZ-Distance Ball sold six to a pack, is built to fly high and long off of a kid's swing. The EZ-Distance is softer, making it fly farther, and the dimple pattern is shallower, promoting a higher flight path. The Stretch Jr. glove is made of synthetic leather and Lycra spandex fabric for maximum comfort, great feel, grip and durability.