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Nick Faldo has announced that he will not be playing The Open this year as he concentrates on captaining the Ryder Cup team.

But the six-times Major-winner refused to rule out another appearance in The Open at a later date. He said: “I'm actually not going to play The Open, probably due to this being Ryder Cup year. I'll be at The Open, as I said, in my viewing capacity now. Bit I will play again.”

Faldo said he would be making some big decisions about the team after The Open at Royal Birkdale in July in the six-week run-up to the Ryder Cup. He will have t5o make two wildcard picks on top of the 10 who make it via various qualifying criteria. And Faldo refused to rule out Colin Montgomerie, who is currently struggling for form.

Faldo said: “I believe Monty will turn it around. I certainly haven't counted that out. He has a great way of producing the goods when we really need it, and in theory a player of his ability has enough time to make it happen.”

He also expected a much stronger challenge from the Americans at Valhalla this September. “They are very keen in America. Every interview any player does, they want to make that Ryder Cup Team. Same as here early days but a few guys have come through; Anthony Kim, young guy, very strong, looking good, but we shall see.

“I think they are going to be coming at us at full guns, and I know that's the way I'm thinking, as well. I'm sure my team will be thinking that. You're going to go there and start from ground level and work up again. No assumptions at all.

“The goal isn't to get to base camp at Everest, isn't it. It's getting to the top and coming back down alive; that's the goal. And that is the goal of The Ryder Cup is to go and win.”

Faldo was speaking on the eve of the BMW championship at Wentworth – the European Tour’s main event of the year.

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